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University/College Members features a live career webinar program,where your students and alumni can attend dozens of career webinars presented by university/college partners each month . .
                              VIRTUALLY and LIVE

            students' schedules
            environmental impact



 When will the live webinars begin?

Live webinars began in Spring 2010


Will staff need to be trained ?


Members' students and alumni have unlimited access to a network of professionally produced career Webinars
. . has researched web conference technology and has created

the most efficient web delivery system. Members need no technology requirements



How will our current students and alumni be aware of scheduled webinars?


Web ready marketing materials are online to assist in getting the word out. Members are encouraged to integrate the service into their programming and career resource library by using the logos and marketing materials supplied by uscareerwebinars. Got a best practice or testimonial to share? Post it to the uscareerwebinars LinkedIn group coming soon.




Why should my university/college consider using services? 


  • live and interactive 
  • can be attended from home or work on any desktop anywhere in the world 
  • offered at times convenient to the student and alumni (evenings & weekends)
  • delivered by the best trained career specialists (US university/college career specialists)
  • immediate access to the program information through downloaded slides


    "Colleges and Universities are focusing increasingly on the post-graduate needs of their alumni… today and for the foreseeable future, career centers are feeling increased pressure to focus on providing top-level career management services for alumni as well as prospective students"

    NACE Journal May 2008 Future Directions Committee


    We look forward to having you as a member and welcome suggestions  . . .  email me at or call (631) 664-6890

Patent Pending 2008 Career Webinars
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