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My name is John McCrudden, I am currently  Director of the Career Center at Marymount College in Los Angeles, California. Previous to Marymount I was the Senior Associate Director at the W. P. Carey MBA Career Center at Arizona State University.  I was also an Assistant Dean and Director at Long Island University for 25 years.

CHALLENGE . . . to deliver career management needs to all the populations I have served ( MBA Alumni and current students in the working professional group from several campuses in Phoenix metro area as well as the Executive Program as well as Online students and non-traditional students) takes a combination of efforts . . joins 51 college career centers in delivering to these populations

TRADITIONAL APPROACH . . . delivery of programs on weekday afternoons on campus, although well intentioned, ignored the needs of current students attending class in remote locations, alumni and distance learners in other parts of the country and the world.

RECIPROCITY AGREEMENTS . . . well intended, but miss the mark of the timely offering and accessibility of programs while lacking accountability.

 . . . a paradigm shift !


  "After the first Webinar when a current student from India, three students from three different states and an alum from Virginia attended. . .I knew this was part of the solution for the delivery of  job and career information for the 21st Century".


 I would like to hear from you , and welcome comments and suggestions on making the service more effective. Connect through the blog or email me at  

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